Waterford Lismore Essence Champagne Flute




Waterford Lismore Essence Champagne Flute

Waterford Lismore Essence is the next generation of the classic Lismore pattern, retaining the brilliance and clarity of Lismore, while incorporating a more slender, modern profile. The Lismore Essence Champagne Flute makes a cool, contemporary statement, perfect for serving sparkling wine or champagne cocktails. A lighter wall and thinner stem combine with the intricate detailing of Lismore’s signature diamond and wedge cuts to produce a stunning example of modern drinkware that turns even an everyday occasion into a celebration.

Brand: Waterford
Pattern: Waterford LISMORE ESSENCE
Material: Crystal
Color: Clear
Capacity: 236.5882ml / 8 oz
Category: Champagne Flutes
SKU: 142825
GTIN: 024258414280