William Yeoward Country

William Yeoward Country
William Yeoward Country

William Yeoward COUNTRY is a new collection of beautifully designed handmade glass – pieces that have been designed to bring greater enjoyment to our day-to-day lives.

COUNTRY is not just for special occasions – it is for every day!

The whole collection is based on simplicity and integrity in form and function – completely handmade, honest craftsmanship, the pieces and shapes we actually need.

If William Yeoward CRYSTAL is perfect for formal entertaining, COUNTRY is a stylish and practical alternative for use at breakfast, lunch on the terrace or dinner around the kitchen table.

The SHAPES are simple and functional but have all been created with great attention to detail so that they are not just useful but are also beautiful in themselves. There is a pleasing harmony in the flowing lines of the different pieces; the serving pieces are comfortable to hold and the drinking glasses have antique style handmade rims – more durable and so much better looking!

And all the pieces work so well together – setting a welcoming table could not be easier!

The COLOURS reflect the changing times and seasons of our country year, Sky Blue, Moss Green and Golden Amber.

COUNTRY creates AN atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, of sunshine and flowers, good food, good wine and good company; the generously proportioned serving pieces, decanters and glasses speak of great hospitality, unhurried enjoyment and enduring memories.

William Yeoward COUNTRY – perfect for every day