Gien logoFaïencerie de Gien began two hundred years ago.

Every stage of production is carried out, to this day, exclusively at the manufacturing facility in Gien, in the Loire Valley, using know-how spanning two centuries.

Faïencerie de Gien is accredited with the Living Heritage Company label, a mark of its pursuit of excellence and its creativity.

The Gien Faiencerie was founded in 1821 by Thomas Hulm (known as Hall). Hall converted a convent in the town of Gien along the Loire River into a factory to produce faïence dinnerware and art pieces in the English tradition.

Since then, the Gien Faiencerie has produced a wide variety of items, including services decorated with monograms and coats of arms of over 2,600 royal and great European families. Today, the factory produces contemporary dinnerware and giftware as well as art faience pieces.

Gien strives to work with both artists and designers to create classic and fashion-forward patterns and designs. Many recognized designers, such as Isabelle de Borchgrave, Valerie Roy, Andree Putnam, Paco Rabanne, and Patrick Jouin, have created designs for Gien.