Bernardaud White Table

The White Table includes all the objects of a dinnerware collection in unadorned white porcelain. A variety of pieces are available where their use is dictated by a type of cuisine or dish. Certain shapes are classic, others contemporary. Some demonstrate detailed hand-engraving. Others are completely smooth. The white shapes can be combined in contrast or as a compliment to any existing Bernardaud collection.

Bernardaud Classics Table

Many of the patterns are colorful, have gold or silver embellishments and distinguish themselves from the collections in the Ceremonial Table by their ability to compliment any interior design. they are less reflective of a decorative style, but offer a large range of pieces. These patterns are often popular bridal registry selections.

Bernardaud Contemporary Table

The motifs are directly influenced by the latest trends in decoration and design. They capture the popular colors, material and patterns that are then applied to actual shapes. They can appear as a traditional composition that appeals to couples establishing their bridal registry, as well as pieces that are more functional, but make you want to have others. The collections often set the ambiance of the room in which they are found.